Software Development

We deliver wonderfully made digital financial solutions

The FinTech world moves with greater speed and agility when compared to the traditional, brick and mortar financial institutions.

Financial technology applications require a specific focus on mobile portability, personalization of services, convenience, security of data, and keeping pace with rapidly shifting technologies.

Flexibility is at the core of our personalized solutions. Let us know what you want to achieve, and we’ll adjust our methods accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization

Convert More Traffic with Our SEO Services

Optimization is more than just aggressive tactics and canned solutions, however; it’s about working for your unique brand. When you choose our services, you’ll be working with experts who take note of your requirements and the Internet’s changing ranking factors.

Achieving the top spot in the SERPs for qualified keywords and phrases is the best way to build online credibility, which attracts the right customers. Google alone has thousands of ranking factors that change almost immediately.

Our continuous optimization strategies ensure your business stays on top of updates and trends.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

Use AdWords to Your Advantage

Improving your search rankings with SEO does not guarantee success overnight. It might take a few months before you see results, in fact. With paid advertising, on the other hand, you can instantly reach consumers looking for information related your products and services. Search ads get your business in front of targeted audiences in a matter of minutes.

Our PPC campaigns extend your brand’s reach with the following services:

- Remarketing and retargeting. We’ll accurately target audiences familiar with your business to encourage more conversions.
- PPC management. If you don’t have the time to watch over your campaigns, we’ll do the job for you. Our team performs full keyword and campaign analysis to determine more keyword opportunities.
- PPC consulting. Still unsure of your paid search strategy? Work with our flexible options. Our PPC consultants are happy to help you out.

Social Media

Expand Your Reach with Social Media Marketing

Social networks and mobile connectivity greatly influence the modern consumer’s decisions. Because of them, more people share their insights on products and services. As a result, brand interaction now impacts a customer’s buying decisions.

Maintaining an active social presence is, therefore, a priority. But not everyone has the time to manage their brand’s accounts. Ognitech social media services will handle your accounts so you can attend to your business’ processes instead.

Each campaign begins with a plan. And to make that plan objective and reasonable, we need actionable data. Trust our marketing experts to build a strategy based on your branding goals and customer demographics. We also base our plan on which platform best suits your business.

Investing in our services will give your business more opportunities to increase brand engagement. We help you become customer-trusted brand ambassadors. Once you establish your credibility, expect followers to like, share, and spread the word about your business.

Influence your target market’s decision with the help of social media. Let Ognitech Ltd. manage all of your accounts. 

Web Development

Off-the-shelf and Custom Web Development Solutions

A functional website taps your business’ potential online. If it engages visitors, it can take your brand one step closer to success. Ognitech’s solutions can help you with this. Our web development services give you user-friendly websites that connect and interact with customers and encourage conversions.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in our book. Instead, we customize development solutions for web and mobile applications. Moreover, our web developers are well-versed in programming and scripting languages; they create dynamic content using database-driven web applications and custom scripting.

Our full-time, in-house web development team is well-versed on the ins and outs of responsive web design, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Linux, and other platforms. We apply our expertise to each project we undertake, ensuring the success of your campaign.

Website development isn’t just about developing a “pretty” website; we complement fully-functional sites with a suite of online marketing services. The team applies their knowledge of UX, CRO, and SEO to every project to configure your new user-friendly site for maximized exposure and conversion. 

Website development is a complex process that requires detailed planning. You can rely on us to document the process to ensure consistent output quality while we meet deadlines.

Graphic Design

Create a Memorable Brand with our Graphic Design Services

Establishing a connection with your target market is the key to influencing their purchasing decision. After all, if you can get them to visualize your products or services, they will see the appeal of doing business with you.

In cases such as these, excellent graphics can act as a bridge between you and your clients. Whether you’re using a website banner or handing out brochures, attention-grabbing graphics do your digital advertising efforts a favor.

Ognitech enhances your brand image with custom graphics and visuals. Clients can then use our visual imagery, branding guidelines, and creative graphics as tools in building unique digital marketing strategies.

Content Marketing

Improve Online Branding with Quality Content Marketing

Online content is the new “word of mouth.” When people look for products or services, they search the Internet for reviews and recommendations. They visit authoritative and review sites and that offer helpful information and, hopefully, the products and services they need.

With a solid content marketing strategy, you can be that authoritative site.

Our extensive range of services addresses all of your content-related concerns. We assist with topic selection and create an editorial calendar to plan website or off-page content.

Our content strategies also use an integrated mix of social media sharing, blogging, and email marketing. Anchored by a stable content marketing strategy, all these drive traffic and attract searchers to specific pages on your site.

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